Financial Pro. Business Owner. Entrepreneur.
From the depths of homelessness, growing up with no traditional education or financial background, arriving to America with $400 in his pocket, to being named Financial Advisor of the Year, Adam has experienced both failure and successes that have shaped his path in life. His goal of becoming a financial powerhouse and inspiring others has led him through many obstacles, some of which you may even be facing today. Adam credits his ability to rise above poverty and face his financial challenges head on by shifting his mindset, changing his relationship with money and not accepting his circumstances as limitations.

Today, Adam is the CEO of RTB Financial Group and the Author of The Financial Powerhouse. He is on a mission to help everyday people change their mindset about money and finance in simple and easy to understand and approachable way. Follow and subscribe to access coaching, advice and life lessons from Adam and start your journey to becoming a financial powerhouse today.

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